• "Canela Public Relations offers international knowledge and expertise blended with local market focus, it´s one of the fastest growing boutique agencies on the Continent and it´s also one of the best."
    European Consultancy Report Card
  • "The nature of our work means we spend a lot of time in meetings but undoubtedly the most fruitful and creative meetings are those we have with Canela. They always have an original idea or a different approach offering a distinctive touch."
    Pedro Palazon, Brand Manager, Fred Perry
  • "For Cosmopolitan in general and for me personally, it´s a pleasure to collaborate with such an efficient and responsible team."
    Chus Salido, Journalist from Cosmopolitan
  • "Canela’s team always has a high and quick capacity for a professional response. I definitely recommend their services."
    Paloma Uppi, Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems
  • "I want to highlight the level of attention put into each of the marketing actions that Canela undertakes. The team’s insight, creativity and professionalism and their level of adaptation and reaction to our needs make working with Canela a treat.”
    Alfonso Garcia, Brand Manager, Manhattan Portage
  • "The reason I like working with Canela is because they are as serious about getting results as I am."
    Daniel Mauerhofer, Head of Public Relation EMEA, Western Digital
  • "Canela has always provided me with up-to-date information, together with helpful details that make it possible for me to understand the context in which their clients operate. This is the best thing for their clients and my readers."
    Norberto Gallego, Journalist from La Vanguardia
  • "We chose Canela because they demonstrated real creativity and enthusiasm for our brand during the pitch process. Since then we have been been able to scale up their offer to provide social media support. Best of all, they are part of the team."
    Nick Marsh, Head of International Marketing, InspirAction
  • "Having invested in a variety of communications methods, we have found that the public relations programme run by Canela PR has been the most effective."
    Ramón Almendro, Marketing Manager, Boston Medical Group
  • "It has been a pleasure to work with Canela Public Relations, who I found to be a creative, motivated and insightful communications team. Canela did a great job of understanding and supporting the Getty Images business in Spain and achieved excel
    Julia Holmes, Public Relations Manager EMEA, Getty Images
  • I have never been a big fan of PR activities performance and contribution to a company’s operations and value, but since I started working with Canela, I've changed my mind because I have experienced a real, measurable impact of their activities on our business at a B2B level.
    Marc Vicente, CEO Rakuten Spain

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